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Red Tape Music can arrange editing, mixing and mastering of your own recordings, including recovery and restoration processing of old analogue recordings, including cassette, vinyl and reel to reel, and VHS tape transfer to DVD. 

Live Recordings

Red Tape Music can arrange multitrack recordings of your live performance, include video recording if required, and have the facilities to edit and overdub recordings for release on DVD or Blu-Ray, or for posting to You-Tube or Vimeo etc.

Singer / Songwriter Service

​Red Tape Music can assist budding singer/songwriters in the recording of full band arrangements of their compositions, and have access to some of the best session players in the North East of England if required. 

Technical Services

Red Tape Music provide a recovery, cleaning and restoration service. 1/4" Tape, cassette, 45 & 33 rpm vinyl and VHS video tapes can be edited, restored and copied to CD or DVD.

We can also assist in the selection and installation of recording and PA systems for your own facilities, and can provide bespoke wiring and patchbay systems for home and professional studios.

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