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Red Tape Music has a comprehensive range of modern and classic recording equipment.
Allen & Heath GSR24M Mixing Desk, Neve 1073, Calrec and API Mic Pres, Monitoring by Klein & Hummel (Neumann), Tannoy DMT & Yamaha NS10s. Fender, Selmer, WEM, Line 6 and GK amps & various acoustic and electric instruments available, including Yamaha acoustic piano.
Outboard processors by Lexicon, Drawmer, TC Electronics, UA 1176 & En-Voice, and microphones by Neumann (U87, KM184s,  TLM 103 & 193) Shure SM7, Beyer, Sennheiser, AKG 414's, Calrec etc. as well as a huge library of software plug ins including UAD, Waves, Arturia, NI, & Fab Filter and a very large Kontakt sample library.
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